Benhür Öncel
Wellness Coach, AquaRunning Trainer

A Bodrum native, Benhür was born in 1986.

Her love of sports and training started at a very young age at school.

She graduated from Business Administration and worked in the banking field as Private Banking Manager for many years.

She never lost her love for sports throughout these years and she started professional training again and became a licensed athlete of İzmir Gaziemir Athletics Sports Club (İZGA).

She received her 1st Grade Coach certificate from Turkey Athletics Federation.

She received her Wellness Coach certificate from HIS (Sports FOR ALL) Federation.

She received her AquaRunning Trainer certificate from STA British Swimming Teachers Association, AquaRunning Training Programme led by British trainer Terry Nelson.

She is very passionate about the benefits of Aqua Running for people of all ages and physical backgrounds, and she is aiming to raise recognition and prevalence of Aqua Running in the field of sports in Turkey.

“Anyone who put their heart, time and effort into their dream can achieve their goal”.
Benhür Öncel