Ayşe Özge Öncel Topçu
Program Coordinator

Born in Istanbul, she lived most of her adult life abroad.

She found her calling in the field of health care after her birthing experience in a hospital. Changing her profesional field completely, she received her degree in Nursing in California, U.S.A. and returned to Turkey, settling in Bodrum in 2014.

She worked in Acibadem Bodrum Hospital as a staff nurse on various units and later Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya as clinic nurse and program coordinator on Health and Healing unit.

She joined team Maksimum Yaşam in 2018.

She enjoys making music, sculpting and practices Japanese tea ceremony.

She has an insatiable hunger for learning and sharing what she knows.

She finds her purpose in helping people find balance, health and contentment in their life’s journey.