We are a wellness center, aspiring to guide our guests who are looking for a way of achieving a meaningful, healthy, happy and long life. We have put together a team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, gastronoms, internal art specialists, psychologists , aesthetitians, yoga and exercise instructors. We design personalized programs according to our guests individual needs and desires.

Our center is located in Konacık Bodrum Turkey, and we offer focused health packages with or without hotel accommodation.

We measure and help improve health with an integrative point of view in contrast with the current organ system based health care approach. We asses and plan the optimum route to enhance your standard of life, and we keep your plan sustainable by determining your next step suitable to your life style.

“Explore the path leading to a lighter, healthier, happier and more energetic YOU”

From the moment you step into the resort for your Life Enhancement Program, you will feel the positive energy surrounding you with Bodrum’s warm climate and the unparalleled beauty of the Aegean sea.

Our team, consisting of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, internal arts specialists and exercise instructors, will get to know your expectations, your point of view to life and health, and your experiences in order to determine your needs. We will then design you a personalized goal specific program, paving your way to your optimal health. We will provide you with opportunities in various disciplines, ways to increase your awareness and strengthen your intention. We aspire for you to achieve physical-mental-emotional and spiritual balance. You may be searching ways to lose excess weight, increase your physical capacity/condition/stamina, or you may be simply looking for a relaxing getaway to remove yourself from the stressful mindset of urban living. You can find the experience and the resources you need with our Life Enhancement Program.

Until we meet in person, I wish you healthy, happy days.

MY Team

Halil Erturk, MD, IM
Health Program Leader
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Büşra Pehlivan
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Dilek Yörük
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Hakan Onum
Internal Art Specialist
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Gökhan Topçu
Healthy Living Coach
Personal Trainer
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Akay Taşkıran
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
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Aynur Alkan
Yoga Instructor
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Benhür Öncel
Wellness Coach
AquaRunning Trainer
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Ayşe Özge Öncel Topçu
Program Coordinator
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Kadriye Macit, R.N.
Clinic Nurse
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Ezgi Özbalcı
Guest Relation
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MY Spirit


We know that health is a result of dynamic balance between not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual influences.

Maksimum Yaşam is a health center that combines modern and alternative medical approaches, using healthy eating, exercise and internal arts practices, in order to guide our guests in their journey toward optimum health.


Instead of a diagnosis and/or organ systems focused healthcare system, we would like to provide holistic, health improvement practices that increase the quality and the life span of individuals, and sprouting from the individual, we would like that wellness, peace and happiness, to spread to the entire world.

Flower of Life

Flower of life is a universal symbol that comes accross many cultures in human history.

It’s shape is said to contain the geometry of the universe, and it is believed to eliminate the negative energy in its presence.