Hakan Onum
Internal Arts Specialist
Qiong, Taiji Quan ve Zen Shiatsu Instructor

A graduate of German High School in Istanbul, Hakan Onum studied Industrial Engineering in Istanbul Technical University.

In time, Mr. Onum shifted his area of interest from the field of ergonomics to quantum physics, chaos theory, new biology, green thinking, deep ecology, biocentrism (Robert Lanza) and similar fields which presents relative advanced and holistic paradigm of life.

He then extended his knowledge base to include Chinese Cosmology, Chinese arts for physical and spiritual development, and to the long established spiritual traditions like Shamanism, Vedism, Daoism, Buddhism and the way of the American Natives. He studied with instructors from around the globe.

He currently instructs qigong systems, Taiji Quan and Zen Shiatsu as complementary therapy to medical treatments, for prophylaxis and physical – spiritual progress.

He is one of the founders of INTERNA, a platform for promoting of internal arts like qigong, taiji quan etc. in Turkey .

Has authored a book about qigong with the title ‘EJDERİ UYANDIRMAK, Çigong, Bir Canlılık Bilimi (AWAKENING THE DRAGON, Qigong, a Science of Vitality)’ published by ‘Yol Yayınları’ in October 2004.