Life Enchancement in Maksimum Yaşam are personalized health improvement programs prepared by our team of an internal medicine specialist, dietitian, psychologist, internal arts instructor and yoga and fitness instructors. We aim to guide our guests in their journey to happy, healthy and long lives.

  • Integrative approach
  • Science based practices
  • Planning your next steps in your personal journey to optimal health
  • Real and attainable alternatives planned for you by health professionals
  • A chance to practice your new and healthy habits in the impeccable beauty, climate and culture of the Aegean coastline.

If you have complaints of excess weight, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and/or stress related issues, this is the right place for you.

If you are older than 16, not pregnant, can move independently, and with your health issues under treatment/control, you can consider joining one of our programs.

If interested you will be contacted by our program coordinator.  (In case of existing chronic health problems, we arrange a phone conversation with our doctor).

Following these pre-arrival calls, you will be approved for attending the program.

We expect a loss of 2-4% of your weight per week. For example, if you are 100 kg, we expect you to lose 2-4 kg/week.

We plan different activities for each day of the week. Therefore, for an ideal experience, we recommend that you attend at least 7 days, starting from the first day of your program.

Programs are coordinated in Maksimum Yaşam Center in Konacık/Bodrum.

You can get detailed information about the program hotel and accommodations during the reservation process.

Anyone who will support and motivate you, but will not distract you while you are trying to achieve your goals is welcome to stay with you during your program.

Accompanying guests who are not part of the program will only be charged for hotel accommodations and any program activities that they choose to join.

  • Sun glasses, headphones
  • Sunblock lotion, moisturizer
  • Indoor and outdoor sports shoes
  • Comfortable sports wear
  • Swim wear, tights, shorts, hat, raincoat
  • A night dress

The moment you step foot at the resort, you will feel surrounded by positive energy, the gentle climate of Bodrum and the stunning beauty of the Aegean coastline.

During check in, you will be handed a tote bag with your weekly program, water container, and information on program activities inside.

Your room will be ready at 14:00. Should you arrive early, you can check in, familiarize yourself with the facilities, enjoy the sea and/or attend the ongoing daily program activities. You will have an orientation meeting with your team members at 17:00.

Life is a personal journey and you are at the helm. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. We will not judge you for your choices.

What is your destination? We can help you find your goals and determine the best route leading to them. We will accompany you in your journey, help you increase your awareness and strengthen your intention.

We have vegetarian and vegan meal options for our guests.

While preparing your dietary plan, we consider your food allergies and intolerances.

Unfortunately we cannot accept pets per hotel policy.

Insurances do not cover wellness programs…yet.