You may be searching ways to lose  weight, increase your physical capacity/condition/stamina, or you may be simply looking for a relaxing getaway to remove yourself from the stressful mindset of urban living.

You can find the experience and the resources you need with our Health Programs.

Optimal Health

Integrating the best conventional and complementary approaches, our internal medicine specialist guides you toward optimal health.
Address concerns that may affect your standards of living, such as cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic problems, sleep and stress issues, exercise and eating habits, use of current medications and better managing diagnosed conditions.

Healthy Eating

Get a complete picture of your nutritional status and a customized plan for optimal nutrition by our Internist and Registered Dietitian.
Part I Complete overview of recent lab results by a physician.
Part II Your nutritional status is assessed using a variety of tools, including biometric measurements; complete nutritional and family history; and measurement of body composition, hydration and cellular health status.
Part III You’ll have a chance to discuss the findings and develop a plan for the future with a licensed nutritionist.
You’ll receive a personal diet list for one week, based upon your collated data, your personalized caloric and nutritional needs and your patterns of eating.

Stress Management

Stress overlooked can erode your health and quality of life.
Stress managed well can be empowering and even exciting. In this session, learn ways to perceive and respond to stressful situations with greater clarity and effectiveness.

Calm your mind and body. Meditation, visualization and conscious relaxation have a long history in the promotion of physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development.
Work with a licensed therapist to determine which techniques are right for you. Then, learn to use one or more of these techniques to promote healing, serenity and self-awareness.


Our personal trainers will asses your musculoskeletal system and determine your aerobic fitness level. We will then prepare
and guide you through your personal fitness prescription.

  • Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga therapy
  • Taichi, Qigong
  • Aerobic training
  • Sport specific
  • Strength
  • Functional training
  • Aquagym